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About Me

Carolyn Flanigan - Health & Wellness Coach

About Me - Why I Started This Journey


For as long as I can remember (and years before that too!), the messages and education we've received regarding health and well-being have been super confusing.

Mentally and physically, we are the sickest, most overweight, most undernourished species on the planet. I followed all the guidelines around healthy eating but lived in a perpetual state of brain fog. It was exhausting!

I’ve been a hairdresser for 30 years and through the incredible and enduring relationships I've developed with my clients, I knew I wasn't the only one doing all the 'right things' but struggling with my health and well-being. I just knew life wasn't meant to be lived struggling from one task to the next! 

My frustration led me to study and I'm so grateful to have found the answers to finally think clearly and feel energised! Life has given me many gifts, including my beautiful family, three grown-up kids, amazing friends and my greyhound Rocket. Now I have knowledge to help people feel amazing and I love this unexpected direction!

Change is hard. Navigating all of the conflicting information available is confusing. My coaching fosters partnerships with my clients and facilitates their growth and autonomous motivation. My clients learn the skills embrace change through visioning, goal setting and accountability. ​


I'm honoured to lead clients through my uniquely creative and thought-provoking processes. It's amazing to help them learn to follow their own inspired action toward their optimal health and ultimately, reach their personal potential.

My clients love the tools and resources I provide to help them achieve their optimal health & well-being — I know you will too.

What I Do - How I Can Support You

  • I take a holistic approach to your health and well-being.

  • I consider YOU and your lifestyle.

  • I use cutting edge psychology, hypnotherapy and brain science to help you create HABIT CHANGE.

  • I have training in nutrition and I pour over all the current research to curate information for you, but my focus is on training you to be your own best health expert so you don’t have to outsource your intuition.

  • I guide you to learn how to listen to your body wisdom.

  • Did I say I know the BODY? 

  • I help you make choices that are in alignment with what you want to experience.

  • We focus on mindful eating, enjoyable movement, sleep, and relaxation and stress management.

  • We take a preventative approach to optimise your immune system, decrease stress and inflammation, balance your hormones and combat lifestyle diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease and Alzheimer’s.

  •  I teach you how to lose weight naturally without stepping on the scale, depriving yourself, or counting calories.


What is Health Coaching?

In this video you'll discover what health coaching is and how I can help you.

You are NOT broken or defective!

Diet culture has made us unwell.


You may have given up on the freedom of enjoying your body and a life where you feel peace around your mental, physical & spiritual body.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Let me help you tap into your personal power.


Are you ready to get the tools  and support from the experts?
It's time to invest in your health, mind and body!

You'll finally be able to create, maintain, and ENJOY
the best mental, physical, and spiritual health!

You'll be able to GIVE YOURSELF the LOVE you deserve. 

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