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21 Day Sugar Detox

Love Yourself, Not The Sugar

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Are you ready to make the most incredible shift for your health?

The 21 Day Sugar Detox is for you if...

  • You've tried every diet but can't get results.

  • You're sick of putting yourself last.

  • You want to stop sabotaging yourself and are ready commit to your health.

  • You want practical, easy to follow, proven strategies that work. 

  • You want a mentor who will keep you accountable.

Let Me Help You To:

  • Lose excess weight so you can feel amazing.

  • Work out what’s been stopping you from enjoying your best health.

  • Understand which foods are best for YOUR body.

  • Balance your hormones.

  • Create optimal sleeping habits.

  • Double your energy.

  • Love yourself and your body.

  • Increase energy so you can live life without feeling exhausted.

  • Jumpstart your metabolism and enjoy eating again.

  • Reduce inflammation so you feel bright and energised.

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It's about transformation. Invest in yourself.

What You Get:

Personalised guidance, support, and strategies that work

On-line group coaching

Detailed workbook

Recipes and shopping lists

Facebook lives and email support
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One Day or Day One? The Choice Is Yours.

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Join My 21 Day Sugar Detox Program, starting 8/4/2024 so you can experience a healthier and happier life!

All inclusive bundle $69

Take a sneak peak at the recipes and resource guide included in the program:

Sugar Detox  recipe Cover
Recipe Book
Detox guide
Detox Guide
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How I Can Support You:

  • We work on MINDSET.

  • WE identify limiting beliefs and the narratives running your mind on auto pilot.

  • We deal with toxic thoughts like negative self-talk and judgement.

  • I help you learn how to practise curiosity and compassion.

  • I’ll help you uncover how SELF SABOTAGE shows up in your life, and begin to understand its positive intention.

  • I’ll help you discover a VISION for what you want, and we will dig deep to find your MOTIVATION.

  • We do de-cluttering and time-management work.

  • You’ll learn how to express yourself and ask for what you need.

  • You’ll learn how to set yourself up for success, and built new habits around PLEASURE.

  • I train you to shift your focus to what’s going well, to celebrate and appreciate how you are doing things differently.

  • I teach you how to say YES to yourself and take empowered ACTION.

  • You will learn how to create healthy boundaries.

  • You'll learn to honour your Yes and No.

  • You'll not only recognise your hunger and fullness, but will easily honour them.

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For those who want better habits, more
self-control and a
healthier lifestyle.

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What our clients say:

"I signed up for the 21 day sugar detox with no concept of how beneficial it would be. Carolyn kept me focussed and motivated to complete the program, but beyond that she inspired through education and equipped me with the tools to continue my journey towards better health and well-being."

~ Tania

"Just completed the three-week sugar detox with Carolyn and achieve real results. Carolyn provided great information, direction, and tools for changing the way I thought about food and becoming more in tune with my body. Well worth the investment and can highly recommend Carolyn and the program."

~ Kay

"Brilliant! 21 days, 5kg down! Yeah!"

~ Jez

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