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90 Day Total Transformation

The relationshipship you have with yourself

sets the tone of every other relationship you have.


Does Your Mind Control Your Body, Or Does Your Body Control Your Mind??

Are you in overwhlem? 

What is your body trying to communicate to you?

Do you wonder why change is so hard, and why you keep making choices that you know don't serve you?

It's no
t your fault!

Our brains and bodies are hard-wired to do things in the simplest way possible and that means living life today the same way we lived life yesterday. If yesterday was average, so tomorrow will be average, and so will the day after that...

We are literally on auto pilot.

If you want change; a better life, better health, just better... let me help you!

  • Are you sick of yourself?

  • Are you carrying excess weight?

  • Do you lack energy and motivation?

  • Do you suffer from out of control hormones and cravings?

  • Are you constantly thinking you’re not good enough?

Start your healing now...



Don’t wait until Monday or next week or next month. 

Stop putting off life! 

It’s time to and take control of YOU — YOU are the most important person in the world!

Make yourself a priority!

Let me help you:

  •  Work out what’s been stopping you.

  •  Understand which foods are best for YOUR body.

  •  Balance your hormones.

  •  Create optimal sleeping habits.

  •  Love yourself and your body.

  •  Increase energy so you can live life without feeling exhausted.

  • Jumpstart your metabolism and enjoy eating again.

  • Reduce inflammation so you feel bright and energised.

  • Lose excess weight so you can feel amazing.

My program meets you where you are.

It is my mission to help you to understand what makes the biggest impact on your health outcomes, and how to create for your mind, body and soul the healthy habits that stick.

  • WE identify limiting beliefs and the narratives running your mind on auto pilot.

  • We deal with toxic thoughts like negative self-talk and judgement.

  • I help you learn how to practise curiosity and compassion.

  • I’ll help you uncover how SELF SABOTAGE shows up in your life, and begin to understand its positive intention.

  • I’ll help you discover a VISION for what you want, and we will dig deep to find your MOTIVATION.

  • We do de-cluttering and time-management work.

  • You’ll learn how to express yourself and ask for what you need.

  • You’ll learn how to set yourself up for success, and built new habits around PLEASURE.

  • I train you to shift your focus to what’s going well, to celebrate and appreciate how you are doing things differently.

  • I teach you how to say YES to yourself and take empowered ACTION.

  • You will learn how to create healthy boundaries.

  • You'll learn to honour your Yes and No.

  • You'll not only recognise your hunger and fullness, but will easily honour them.

Change your habits


Change your habits


Change your habits



You get accountability, support, weekly 1:1 coaching, recipes, education, and you will see results like never before!



“I really wasn't sure what to expect going into this program with Carolyn, however the past 12 weeks have really changed how I see myself, my relationship with food and with my body.  Carolyn clearly has a passion for this and is incredibly good at what she does.  I felt safe and comfortable talking to Carolyn.  She was empathetic, non-judgmental and a wealth of helpful information.  I am in a completely different (and much better) place now than I was thre months ago and have no doubt that I would not be there without Carolyn's help and guidance.  Would highly recommend this program to anyone needing a mental and physical reboot.”





“After suffering from a stoke eight months ago at age 49, I thought that this was how I would always feel. Dizzy, low energy, depressed and constantly craving for a cigarette.

Carolyn’s 90 Day Total Transformation Program has helped me to:

  • Gain knowledge around food, diet and eating habits

  • Suffer fewer dizzy spells and experience less brain fog

  • Gain self-awareness and prioritise my health

  • Start exercising for the first time in years so my energy levels greatly improved

  • Feel less bloated through improved gut health

  • Significantly clear my skin 

  • Gain strength in my mind and body through the one on one weekly coaching; it was invaluable in the support gave me. 

I would recommend this program to anyone who feels like they have no hope.”




“Carolyn is a wealth of information and not only helped me with my nutrition but with my mental well-being. The sessions were informative and have improved my eating habits as well as my stress levels. I now have a better understanding of myself and my body. Thank you Carolyn for helping me see my self-worth and happiness. I am truly thankful.”



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