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Health & Wellness Services in Melbourne by Carolyn Flanigan

About Me

Carolyn Flanigan
Health & Wellness Coach


For as long as I can remember (and years before that too!), the messages and education we've received regarding health and well-being have been super confusing.

Mentally and physically, we are the sickest, most overweight, most undernourished species on the planet. I followed all the guidelines around healthy eating but lived in a perpetual state of brain fog. It was exhausting!

I’ve been a hairdresser for 30 years and through the incredible and enduring relationships I've developed with my clients, I knew I wasn't the only one doing all the 'right things' but struggling with my health and well-being. I just knew life wasn't meant to be lived struggling from one task to the next! 

My frustration led me to study and I'm so grateful to have found the answers to finally think clearly and feel energised! Life has given me many gifts, including my beautiful family, three grown-up kids, amazing friends and my greyhound Rocket. Now I have knowledge to help people feel amazing and I love this unexpected direction!

What I Do

Health & Wellness Coaching To Transform Your Life

Do you wonder why change is so hard, and why you keep making choices that you know don’t serve you?

It’s not your fault!

Our brains and bodies are hard-wired to do things in the simplest way possible and that means living life today the same way we lived life yesterday. If yesterday was average, so tomorrow will be average, and so will the day after that...


We are literally on auto pilot!


I'm here to help you break that cycle. I'll help you find balance between mind, body, spirit, and emotions. From lifestyle advice to diet and nutrition tips, as an experienced health coach, I'll work with you to create bespoke plans to help you achieve your greatest well-being.

See my Coaching Services Below:

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Are You Ready To Transform Your Life?


Real Client Reviews


“Carolyn is a wealth of information who not only helped me with my nutrition, but also with my mental well-being. The sessions were informative and have improved my eating habits as well as my stress levels. I now have a better understanding of myself and my body. Thank you Carolyn, for helping me see my self-worth and happiness. I am truly thankful.”


"You did what a genuine coach should do and that is to challenge me. Effective change is never easy and the way you let arising issues sit and come back until some point of resolution could be attained was great, rather than just pushing on and on through a set program. You exude such peace and tranquillity; I want that, and I am noticing a difference in myself from your coaching technique to be more conscious inwardly about myself. I am more aware of coincidental happenings for me which has highlighted that abundance is already with me, I was just not in tune with it therefore did not recognise it."


“I really wasn't sure what to expect going into this program with Carolyn, however the past 12 weeks have really changed how I see myself, my relationship with food, and with my body!  Carolyn clearly has a passion for this and is incredibly good at what she does.  I felt safe and comfortable talking to Carolyn.  She was empathetic, non-judgmental and a wealth of helpful information.  I am in a completely different (and much better) place now than I was three months ago, and have no doubt that I would not be there without Carolyn's help and guidance.  Would highly recommend this program to anyone needing a mental and physical reboot.”


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